Susan’s Write Up

Susan’s Write Up

Susan Shares What’s Going On in Lockdown…

Our members have been doing a range of different creative activities during lockdown. Susan has written this piece about her experiences:


What has Underground Lights been doing?

Zoom Workshops – Video by Zoom which has been a great way to keep in touch by. We’ve even been writing our own songs between us.


Facebook – We’ve been showing our creative side over social media which has been really great and we’ve got to see different talents by members, whether it be colouring, paintings, drawings, and needle crafts.


YouTube Theatre shows – We’ve also been able to watch plays from other performing art groups.


In this lockdown, what shall I do today?

I think I’ll clean the house, see if there’s any washing to do, although it won’t be much as I spend all my time in my night ware and dressing gown! I’ll cook some lunch even though I don’t feel like it but know I must eat to keep my figure. I will probably do some artwork, maybe colour, knitting, or writing. Thank you Underground Lights and Crisis for supplying the materials needed to while away the time instead of watching TV to only hear about what this terrible virus is causing to our planet.


I’ll check my mail to see what other friends have been doing this time and reply to them, this keeps me busy for a time. I’ll do this every day until Friday the highlight of my week where I can go onto zoom and see my drama friends and even do activities with then which has been good for my wellbeing, if I didn’t have this help I don’t know what I’d do. Thank you.


Now this lockdown is slowly coming to an end I’ll find it strange not being in touch with friends from Underground Lights as much. These times will be cherished for a long time thanks to Underground Lights who gave us the materials to do this and also Crisis who have kept us in touch and provided us with materials to keep sane in these mad times. I’ll know I’ll be back to our drama classes as soon as we’ll be able to. So let’s say thank you to Underground lights, creative café, and crisis for helping us through.

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