Declutter Mutter

Declutter Mutter

– A poem from Hayley

‘declutter mutter’ 

Stuff stuff, everywhere!
An old chest of drawers
And a broken chair

Stuff, stuff, piled on the stairs
Hanging off doors
And hidden here and there

Stuff, stuff, some of it in pairs
Some of it is yours
And some of it is theirs

Stuff in the wardrobe
Stuff in bags
Stuff in boxes
Stuff in rags

Stuff too big, stuff too small
Stuff too long, stuff too tall
Stuff in corners, stuff by the wall
Stuff in the garden, stuff in the hall

I can’t ignore all the stuff anymore
Got to sort it out and get it out the door
Some for EBay or Marketplace
Where can I put it? Got no space!
Some for the charity shop, some for the bin
But it’s full to the top, stuffed to the rim

Where did all this stuff come from?
Hurry up lockdown, I want the stuff gone!