Creative packs, shadow puppets and a project with international reach – just some of the achievements our members made this year, demonstrating their resilience and creativity despite incredible challenges.

Our second year saw Underground Lights build on our previous success – and presented us with the biggest challenge we’ve ever faced: a pandemic.

Our first Annual Report highlights the first grants we received, our registration as a charity and, most importantly, the impact we had on our members.


Keeping our members and staff safe is of paramount importance to us at Underground Lights. Our Safeguarding Policy lays out the responsibilties we have to those in our care, some definitions of abuse, and the procedures we will follow if a safeguarding issue is raised.

Health and Safety

As well as the safeguarding issues identified above, we recognise that situations can arise that endanger the physical health of our members and staff. Our Health and Safety Policy covers information on First Aid, fire and evacuation procedures and details the risk assessments we will carry out. We’re keeping our procedures up-to-date in the light of the COVID–19 pandemic.

Diversity and Equality

Diversity isn’t just something we aim for – it’s an asset we value as we seek to deliver different services to different people. Our Equality and Diversity Policy details how we promote diversity and equality through recruitment, the delivery of our services and train our staff.


At Underground Lights, we recognise that we don’t always get things right, so our Complaints Policy empowers our members, volunteers and staff to bring issues to our attention. This policy details that process, and contains the document needed to raise a formal complaint.