The Devoted and Disgruntled Discussion

The Devoted and Disgruntled Discussion

“I signed up for the Devoted and Disgruntled event as I liked the idea of inclusion and excellence for the Arts and this was going to be the discussion of the day.

On arrival I joined a large circle of people.  We were asked to write down questions about inclusion and excellence.  Then we pinned the questions to the pin board.

We all picked one question from the pin board and I liked we divided into small groups, like, a circle of minds, to answer the questions.  After all many minds are better than one.

The event was hosted by theatre company Improbable.

Here’s a question from the pin board, ‘do we believe that people believe inclusion is needed for excellence?’  I believe probably not and that’s why they need persuading.

My feeling is a greater understanding of the benefits of including disadvantaged people into the arts would be attractive.  As surely, ‘Being disadvantaged gives us an edge, because we use our dynamics in our Art.’  That’s why, ‘The Arts are stifled without inclusion.’

Disadvantage people raise the bar of excellence, by our very nature we bring a different perspective to the arts we add to the arts.

‘Underground Lights is inclusive because they realize ‘exclusion is holding back the arts’, that’s why were having this conversation.  Inclusion brings uniqueness originality and diversity which is a springboard for excellence.

Who wants to be the same?  Marvellous things happen through differences.

Our differences define us and help push boundaries in excellence. We need to celebrate our differences, uniqueness is the stardust that creates talent.

Disadvantaged people create a different kinda perspective, experience a different kinda life, see things in a different kinda way.  That’s why we’re rocking the boat on exclusion because its not our kinda world.

We create the originality the world needs, without which we’re depriving the world of talent and true excellence.  The Arts need to include us, so we can take the Arts to a higher level.

Another question from the pin board; ‘what does exclusion feel/look like?’ I imagine you’d feel, ‘not invited to the party!’ An outsider in your own city and angry your prevented from fulfilling your dreams.

Being included makes one feel valued without which a person cannot fully join in with the world.  Untapped potential is lying dormant waiting to be woken up.  ‘Exclusion is hiding excellence and talent’, the highest credentials of any artist.

How can you achieve the highest level of excellence without complete inclusion?

I believe by telling the benefits of inclusion we can proceed to a fairer world where differences are seen as asset potential.

Including disadvantaged people into the arts is an advantage the arts cannot afford to lose out on.

Another question was are there enough non-white people here? And so the conversation went on till the final question.

We just need funding and the will from the Art Sector to commit to positive change.”


Marie, UL Member