The Broken Vases

The Broken Vases

As the craftsman works day and night

His hands they make with care

The most beautiful vases so perfect to him

Each one unique and rare

Each vase he sends out for its future he prays

It will be cared for and loved for all of its days

So many get broken and some never mend

They get put back together but the pain doesn’t end

To him they’re still perfect as the day they were made

But sadly for some the cracks never fade

They cannot understand that they’re stronger than ever

The glue that now holds them can stand any weather

The potters hands they don’t make a mistake

But our life is shaped by the choices we make

Each crack in the vase it tells it’s own story

It has its own special beauty so let go of the fury

The vase that still stands after all it’s been through

Has learnt to forgive and love itself true

Each piece you rebuilt made your own piece of art

And by mending the vase you were healing your heart

All the beautiful broken vases they stand

Ready to return to the potters hand.