Summer Reflections

Summer Reflections

The Summer Term of 2022 was busy with lots going on in our Drama Workshops and Creative Cafés. Well done to our members and staff for their hard work.

Drama Workshops

Underground Lights members investigated the world of Physical Theatre this summer in our drama sessions, working with Beth, Alisha and Hayley, looking about how the body can tell stories and depict themes in more depth than strict naturalism.

The group watched videos from the likes of Frantic Assembly as inspiration for how their ideas might be interpreted in a new way, working with this new style. We introduced shimmering blue ribbons as props and tools to show flow and connection between actors. In small groups members began to develop pieces of ornate movement, telling stories of uncertainty and nervousness that probably reflected how we were all feeling about physical theatre at first!

We worked round the themes of four words developed by the Underground Lights Strategy Group; Connection, Creativity, Community Led and Compassion, through group discussion on what these words mean to us and how the places and people that make us understand what these worlds mean in our real lives.

We rounded off the term with both groups coming together with an invited audience in The Belgrade’s B2 theatre, this was an excellent way for members to share feedback on pieces they were seeing for the first time and reflect on the excellent work they’d all done before the summer break!

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One member’s reflections:

“We had devised pieces based on the Underground Lights values. I co-wrote one on the theme of “Community”. This involved many members of the group reading definitions and performing actions.”

“An unexpected treat was that our performance was moved into the Belgrade’s B2 space. This was both daunting and exciting. I am glad to be able to say I have performed there.”

“I also co-developed a movement piece involving ribbons. We had to work out the best place for them in the new setting.”

“I felt relieved that there were no major mistakes in either of the performances. The invited audience was supportive, and the atmosphere afterwards was friendly and celebratory.”

Creative Cafés

Over at Creative Cafe our group explored movement through the theme of ‘DREAMS‘, working with Brendan and Frankie we looked at how our subconscious dreams and aspirational dreams overlap, how they might be born from the same place in our imagination.

We developed 3 group pieces together; ‘When I grow up…‘, reminding ourselves of the aspirations we had as children, the jobs we dreamt of doing, working with Frankie, we transformed individual movement pieces and choreographed them into a flowing performance backed by the sound of Stevie Nicks singing ‘Dreams’.

The second piece ‘Coventry Station’ saw a smaller group of members self-direct an impressive piece offering more detail on their dreams of becoming police officers, driving trains and even puppeteering! Working autonomously, the group developed their skills in dance and movement to interlock each sketch into a succinct scene that led each character onto the ‘train to Coventry’ before scattering from the carriage.

To close the show, our final movement piece was a subtle but striking image of our ‘Dream of the Future‘, we shared our hopes and wishes with the Dream Catcher who weaved them into a powerful poem, as her words rang out, the performers dispersed into the audience like the seeds of a dandelions!

This term‘s drama workshops have been funded as part of the Getting Creative with Sustainability Programme at the University of Warwick.