Streams of Consciousness Walking Tour half term write up

Streams of Consciousness Walking Tour half term write up

Introducing Tracy, one of the Community Producers for our Streams of Consciousness Walking Tour project, commissioned by Coventry City of Culture Trust.


Hello, I’m Tracy and I’m a Community Producer on this project. I’m really excited as it’s something completely new and different to what we’ve done before at Underground Lights. I think it’s wonderful that we have this opportunity to share our experiences of Coventry and I’m excited to take our performance to the public audience.

I joined Underground Lights at the very beginning and have been a volunteer and am now a trustee. Being a part of Underground Lights is so rewarding as you get to see member’s confidence grow; they join us quite shy and nervous and then it’s like some magic and Underground Lights wizardry as they grow in confidence and support each other.  

22nd January – Underground Lights returned to the Belgrade after our Christmas Break. First we had discussions around the walking tour, lots of fantastic ideas forming of how it might look.

29th January – Wes worked with us to develop song lyrics for the walking tour, and we developed our theme further linking it to water and the river Sherbourne.

5th February – Underground Lights first walk in the City to plan the route of the walking tour; accessibility for all and safety first. Exciting to hear members’ ideas and see the hidden place of significance within the city centre.

12th February – Members have shared the places and themes that stood out to them. They have started working together in small groups or pairs to explore these ideas. We also have our creative movers who will play music, sing and use ribbons to help entertain the audience members as they walk from performance location to performance location during the walking tour. 

19th February – Members have continued to develop their ideas and it all feels very exciting.We have half term next week so lots to do when we’re back! 

You can book your free tickets for our performance on Friday 1st April here.