Staying Creative and Connected

Staying Creative and Connected

Reflections on the last few weeks

Emma (Artistic Director)

“Over the last few weeks things have changed very rapidly and it’s hard to keep up with everything! At the start of the lockdown I wondered how on earth we were going to support people with their creative work when we couldn’t meet in person. We started by calling all our members to ask for their ideas and we quickly found out who had internet access, who used WhatsApp, who was on Facebook etc. From there we set up a Facebook group for our members to share their work. We have also set up weekly Zoom meetings in small groups for members to share their ideas. For our members who don’t have internet access we are calling them each week – one of our members has been sharing his top five favourite David Bowie songs with us and we have been sharing them in the Facebook group! Our members are incredibly supportive of each other and it’s really good to know that even when we can’t meet up in person, even during times of anxiety, confusion and sadness, we can still be creative and connected”.

Hands of Hope

We drew around our hands and filled them with messages of hope. Hayley said it would look like we were waving to each other.


“In these difficult times our UL groups, who came together to enjoy theatre activities together have been physically unable to meet in person. This would have been a difficult time for anyone but Emma, Beth and Wes have found we can still communicate and remain creative through the use of social media. This, for some, has presented many challenges but the groups relationship has been good at supporting each other through this.

Many of the members have contributed their creative works from home, ideas have flowed and blossomed into many different areas. Poems, monologues, artwork and such have sought to inspire and motivate us to do more. The idea from some members led to the idea of a “creative pack” which, with help from other organisations, literally took off like a rocket and spread in all directions! This and our enthusiasm is something I personally have been happy to be a part of, it just goes to reinforce the good works we are capable of to keep our spirits up. Long may we continue to support each other through these strange times.”


“My time is filled with loads of activities on Zoom, but through that I’ve posted a script to the members of the group to join a new theatre play at the Albany that’s happening in September. So most days are spent sending details of other events on to group members”.


“On Facebook I have been commenting on Underground Lights members’ posts. I want them to know that I care about the work that they are doing and I enjoy seeing it so much! I have got to know my friends at Underground Lights even better I think in these past few weeks through seeing their fantastic work and by messaging them. My communication skills have got better because my confidence has grown. I think by getting so involved online, I’ve become more outgoing. I also think – dare I say it! – that I have slowly been learning about some technical skills such as going on Zoom and Facebook. I’ve never done these things before. I’m still learning but I’m sure I’ll get there in the end!”