Songs for Survivors of the 21st Century: Opera

Songs for Survivors of the 21st Century: Opera

At the start of the term we were lucky enough to be visited by Vahan and Vanessa from their Opera Project exploring loneliness and tactics to reduce loneliness, members had a great time learning Opera, singing and getting involved in a thoughtful conversation around loneliness and how it affects us all. Read more about their project here.

Opera music like a canvas. You can paint a picture with your voice. To hear the music paints a picture. I learnt to listen to people more. Using your voice like a paint brush.
It was only through attending different things like Underground Lights and different groups that I really felt more comfortable in myself and it sort of filled a hole that NHS or staff had taken bits and chunks and pieces out not being there for me when I needed it.

Feedback from members:

  • Today we learnt about opera which were really good and about loneliness
  • Never heard about talking opera singing is about so powerful and loneliness is good for your head and mental health
  • I learnt a lot about opera it was really interesting. I really enjoyed doing something.
  • Had a really great session learning more about opera
  • I learnt that opera can be difficult. I enjoyed the singing.
  • I learnt that what we learnt is opera signing. I absolutely love it. Thanks a million.
  • Learning about a different form of performance
  • Learnt about opera and voice projection
  • Today we learnt about opera music. It makes me tired. Enjoyed the information the lady provided today and I learnt more about opera