October’s Open Mic

October’s Open Mic

October’s OPEN MIC was a real treat with poetry, singing, acting, and more!

When being given the privilege to watch Underground Light’s Open Mic Night, the dedication, togetherness and pride of which the work which has been performed demonstrates that arts-based work is fundamental for cities across the UK.

The range of performances from a theatre company which prides itself on inclusivity and no judgement proves the importance of spaces which allows members of the Coventry community to utilise their theatrical skills.

Regular scheduled Open Mic nights allows the company members to showcase the skills they have developed in Creative Café sessions and workshops and gives the audience the talent which will be displayed in their future work, such as ‘Lights Up!’, which is being performed in February.

Tom, RCSSD Placement Student

‘I love to be here
With all of you
My human friends
And love to live amidst
My eternal family of remarkable
We are one yesterday, today, forever
Thank you for your great show
That uplifts the heart’
🌟Audience Feedback