No Time for Christmas

No Time for Christmas

Dress rehearsals began on the 6th and 8th November to much nerves and excitement. It’s amazing how far we have come these months from putting together the play to the final countdown of the Pantomime performance at The Theatre Absolute Shop Front Theatre.

All of the Underground Lights team and actors have been working really hard together to create a play that represents both modern theatre as well as old styles of performance and I think speaking for everyone, we did that far beyond what anyone could have ever imagined. Cecelia was showing me parts of props she was starting and finishing off every day, like the fire and Rob’s new breast transformation! Although I was wondering if we could pull the Panto off we showed that by working together as a team and turning up on time we created a dream Panto that even highly paid actors would be proud of. Sue and Brendon, also actress and actor with Underground Lights, brought in props themselves, so everything that was needed to create a high performance piece was put in place.

The drama group perform their first ever pantomime: No Time for Christmas

I myself had to play an evil wizard which is not easy to play when you’re not a cruel person in life so that was a challenge and I don’t think Rob ever felt like a dame, but he pulled it off with pizzazz. Everybody had so much zest at the rehearsals, it was like you wouldn’t realise the stress everyone was feeling but I guess that’s how it always will be when creating something new and challenging especially when this was our first Panto piece. It was through everyone’s dedication and with a lot of improvisation throughout the performance that we achieved what we came to achieve and I’m so proud of everyone. It showed how tight we are during rehearsals and performance.

The audience who came to see the play were absolutely amazing themselves and they I’m sure they, too, had a great time. There was lots of laughter and merriment from them and the whole place was full of laughter which is always a very good sign. Next year I’m sure the performance will be even tighter and that is already giving me goosebumps.

The drama group take a bow