Meeting the Monster

Meeting the Monster

One of the benefits of being a member of Underground Lights is not just the people within the group and learning how to ‘do’ drama. It’s also the ever-widening scope and interplay between other similar groups, including the Creative Café and the arts gymnasium, as well as learning about and discussing other avenues such as writing, songs and scripts, and the sharing of experiences with other companies.

It was at one of the Creative Café sessions we had a discussion about Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and its origins and storyline, but what was entirely unexpected (by myself, at least) was a visit by Sarah MacGillivray from the production of Frankenstein at the Belgrade Theatre. She gave an outline of where the impetus for their interpretation of the book came from. 

The following Friday session of UL drama group ended with a visit from four of the actors from Frankenstein who partook of a question and answer session with members of the group. The openness of the answers was insightful and relevant to all of our group, so much so that I couldn’t wait to see the performance on the following day.

It was without doubt one of the most inspiring interpretations I had seen in a long while, perhaps because of the knowledge of the background  to  where the ideas on stage came from.

All in all, it was inspiring to me personally and makes me more determined to do more and stretch myself in everything I do with our wonderful group and our dedicated coaches.