Meet Arshak: Actor and Member of Underground Lights

Meet Arshak: Actor and Member of Underground Lights

Arshak shares what being an actor at Underground Lights is like:

Arshak has been a long term member and performer at Underground Lights. He has acted in various plays, including our first play ‘Werewolf’, our Christmas Panto ‘No Time for Christmas’ and our site specific walking tour ‘Streams of Consciousness’.

Most recently Arshak was part of ‘Lights Up!’ and worked with the cast to create and develop the role of the Dr. He supported another member’s creative development. When asked what this involved he said ‘I tried to help in the drama because I was meant to be going away, but then couldn’t, so I wanted to support someone to replace me. I told them about the part and even brought my stethoscope in so that the action looked very natural’.

When asked what he would say to those who want to try acting, he replied ‘I came for the first time a long time ago, and it was the beginning of my acting in this time, and I found it very interesting, come a lot of friends and leaders, and members of the Underground Lights company.’

‘I enjoyed learning new things, getting better in that by the passing of time and doing acting, and mixing up with a lot of new people who take a lot of interest in drama and carry on with us to make more interesting and successful performances’.