‘Mademoiselle F’ Member Theatre Review

‘Mademoiselle F’ Member Theatre Review

Fifteen members and staff were delighted to be invited to attend the dress rehearsal of ‘Mademoiselle F’ at the Belgrade Theatre. It was all the more exciting as three UL members were involved in the production!

One member’s theatre review:

The play reminded us of the plight of those who spent many years in institutions.

It was interesting that we never knew what was “real” within the world created by the writer and which delusions we were seeing through the eyes of the mentally ill “Mademoiselle F”.

The observers in white coats demonstrated her loss of privacy and were reminiscent of visitors at a zoo.

Feedback from members included:

  • Interesting physically
  • Polar Bear felt like a dream
  • As I have family working in a care home with Dementia it’s a bit worrying
  • Brought up lots of personal experiences
  • White staging looked like an asylum / prison cell
  • Thought-provoking
  • Both characters trapped in the blank environment
  • Liked the white medical asylum and icescapes
  • Enjoyed it