Look out for the angels

Look out for the angels

There is no real distance between here and there

Not even a point they meet

But so different these places truly are

No ground to put on your feet.


They are two different worlds living side by side

Except in one no time exists

Still it’s all around you everyday

Just your worldly mind resists.


So have you guessed already

Of the places that I write

Do you ever think of heaven

Or you keep it out of sight.


Whether you believe or not

There is no right or wrong

But to me the thought of heaven

In my heart it puts a song


I know that there are angels

We see miracles every day

Always they are helping us

In our lives along the way.


For me heaven is the final place

When at last I say I’m home

So look out for the angels

Because all around they roam.

Becky's handwritten poem