Lockdown Monologue 4

Lockdown Monologue 4

Monologue by Susan


Morning, what shall we do today?

Maybe if the weather’s nice we could sit on the balcony and catch the sun? If raining we’ll just have to look out the window. We can maybe do some arts and crafts or knitting or crocheting but we’ll see how we feel after breakfast. Could watch the TV after breakfast, it’s probably repeats as usual, but it will keep our minds occupied. 

Here I am here again. How about doing some cooking but it won’t help my figure at this time. Could try and do some exercise after eating, can’t walk but could do running on the spot, but nothing too energetic with my aches and pains. 

Well here again, we seem to be meeting more than usual, maybe it’s all the tea I’m drinking, my bladder can’t hold it like it used to, but what can be expected for my age.

Here again. It’s time for my bath before bed. I see you look like I feel and fed up being stuck in these four walls. Well good night, I enjoyed my bath I’ll see you in the morning when I look at you to brush my hair… until then good night mirror, I’ll see you in morning.