Lockdown Monologue 3

Lockdown Monologue 3

Reminiscing with a surprise visitor


Oh, hello there! How did you get in? I‘m sure I locked the back door before I went out to the shops. Still I’m back now.

It reminded me of what it was like just after the war, queuing up with my mother every week, first to the bakers, then the butchers and the grocers to see what was available that week, and if she had enough points in the ration book! Usually the same things week after week but at least we didn’t go hungry. We grew our own vegetables in the garden, next door had some chickens so we bartered our veg for fresh eggs, one of the locals kept pigs so we managed to supplement the basic rations.

Well I see you have made yourself comfortable there in my chair by the fire, a good choice with a view out of the window! I’ve seen you pass by sometimes as I sit here so I guess you’re just being sociable in these strange times, and it’s nice to have a visitor just drop in isn’t it.

Still this won’t get my shopping put away will it, I’ll make a drink while I’m there, would you like one? OK well come through and I’ll see what I’ve got to tempt you with.

Oh I see how you got in, I left the kitchen window open, typical. I locked the door but forgot the window, silly me. Must have had a ‘ brain-fart’, you know what I mean, it’s like when you have gone upstairs and by the time you get to the top you can’t remember what you came upstairs for! Sign of old age I suppose.

Right, so I’ll open the door so you can have a look at the garden while I get you a saucer of milk Mr Pussycat, then you can go home when you’re ready.