Lockdown Monologue 1

Lockdown Monologue 1

A Dog (aging)


My dad John’s been hanging out with me more lately. He used to get up and got out in the dark, I never saw him all day.

Bit boring on my own, but I like the routine. Have a nap, a wander, think about the future: what am I going to have for tea? Will I see that girl with the long golden hair in the park tomorrow?

My dad doesn’t bother getting up now. He’s been playing with me, watching loads of tele curled up with me on the settee, which is cosy.

The best thing is he’s been letting me take him out for loads of walks. Seems like he’s got a problem with being at home.

I don’t mind, but I’m confused.

One week later…

Oh my aching legs! I long for the old days, a nap, a snack, oh the peace and quiet. Walking is alright, but there’s a limit!

At first I thought he was spoiling me because he loves me. Now, I’m not so sure.

Every time I settle myself and start to nod off he starts shouting ‘walkies’ at me and grabbing that rope I lead him around with.

I’ve seen my favourite girl down the park but I’m not even allowed to go near her! And John, he’s so unsociable. He just waves and says hello. He was always stopping and talking, letting me have a good sniff at my pals.

Now, he’s lost all his friends. NO-ONE wants to talk to him. I’m disappointed in him.

A week later…

I wish dad would p**s off back to work or wherever he goes all day. I am Knackered! He’s got people taking me out now, walking round the streets. It’s alright for them, one walk a day. What about me? I’m on five now!

I’m old, my paws ache, and I want a nap.

I’m looking out the window. I can see the girl with black hair coming down the path.

I’m off to hide under the bed.