Lights Up! Review by Marie

Lights Up! Review by Marie


I had a glimpse of the soon to be released ‘Lights Up’ performance.  Lucky to receive an invite to watch the  rehearsals, I sat at the back like a film director.  The auditorium was quiet and dimly lit when all of a sudden, the show began!

I glimpsed a bus of true connections, a wedding of combined hearts  and a Catwalk of style and colour.

Along life’s journey from the real people of Coventry where originality makes a statement putting Underground Lights on the Theatrical platform of Coventry.

With great movements, frozen poses, dancing and original songs Coventry songwriters from Underground Lights let’s loose lyrics.

As the play progressed, the stage took a life of its own, the expressions of personalities bursting from the seams and the energy of Coventry actors lit the stage.

Starting from a lively bus journey, I was upset I hadn’t bought a ticket to, leading to a wedding I was kicking myself I hadn’t an invite, a Catwalk I could only dream of.  I felt lucky to be an observer in the house.

I was knocked out with the unrelenting gags as the show brought along an unfolding story of fun and friendship.  A stamp of ‘Underground Lights surging humour of originality.’

Inclusivity and excellence makes new beginnings for the future of the Arts.

‘Lights Up’ fuses two fine status symbols modern forward thinking Underground Lights, and The Belgrade Theatre an old fortress of history and wonderful theatre.

Devised by Coventry actors dynamic humour and hilarity.  See for yourself what originality and inclusion can produce, one of the finest plays showcasing Coventry’s talent!  We’re here to change people’s perceptions, that’s what performing’s all about, a story to make a difference.  And that’s what we’ve done with hilarity and inclusion with a fun filled performance.

The tenacity and courage of Coventry Community Actors shows ‘there’s a real light over Coventry’s Theatre Sky’s’.

A status symbol for the Coventry City of Culture and our future, part of Underground Lights success and forward thinking making acting a platform for disadvantaged people, making Coventry modern and inclusive, putting people first.

The humour surpasses the imagination, making this one of the great shows.   The dynamic humour beams a light on Coventry’s talent, as ‘Underground Lights shines a spotlight on Inclusion and Excellence’, making a change for the future of the Arts.  This is where ’Underground Lights stands out as a beacon for Inclusion and Excellence’ as ‘Lights Up’ showcases what inclusivity can create, with original, and unique humour from the funniest people from grass roots, using real life experiences.

Inclusivity and excellence makes new beginnings for the future of the Arts.