Complete our Digital Divide Survey

Complete our Digital Divide Survey

Over the last year or so, lots of us have had to change the way we connect to others. This might have included some form of digital technology or being online.

We want to hear your experiences of feeling connected or of feeling left out digitally, online or through technology.

Our Underground Lights members have developed some questions to find out whether people have connected online or digitally over the past year and how they found this experience.

The questions refer to digital devices or technology and experiences of being connected online or digitally. By this we mean using computers, smart phones, or the internet, but we are also happy to hear what they mean to you or your interpretation.

You can complete an online version of the survey here.

Or you can download and print our Digital Divide Survey.

We are particularly interested in hearing from people who have experienced homelessness, or who are or have been at risk of experiencing homelessness. If you work with people with these lived experiences, please do print hard copies of this survey for people to complete.