Francesca Robson

Creative powerhouse Frankie talks about her work with our members.

I am a freelance Facilitator / Director currently based in Coventry. I am incredibly passionate about participatory arts and how we can actively work toward involving communities who are often left unheard. This is why it is a real honour to work as a Sessional Facilitator for Underground Lights Community Theatre Company. Some of my previous work has seen me collaborate with Pilot Theatre, Centre for Cultural Value, Arts and Homelessness International and The Royal Shakespeare Company.

Working with UL has inspired my work heavily, our members are so talented and I am always blown away at the dynamic work we co-create. My practice heavily involves movement and music as a form of expression and I am always excited by the freedom that using movement creates and how organic the result can be. Many of my projects have focused on working with our talented local communities here in Coventry and working with UL is certainly up there with my favourite team.

My main aim is to take art to communities, instead of expecting communities to find our art. It’s so important to me that when this happens we work by, with and for our communities and they are at the centre during the process and its outcomes! I really can’t wait for you guys to see what amazing work we create at UL now and in the future! I would encourage everyone to stay tuned for the beautiful work that comes from our fantastic community theatre group.